burrito bowl - vegan and gluten free

eating | I made burrito bowls yesterday that were super good! I used the lime cashew crema recipe from the mama eats plants cookbook and it made it feel like takeout - a treat - rather than just beans and rice. In the bowls were black beans, sweet potatoes, corn, onion, bell peppers, and rice. I used the chili seasoning mix from Trader Joe's for the veggies and added in avocado and hot sauce before I ate.

walk at home workout summary

workouts | Last week, I signed up for the $5/mo plan from Walk At Home. I've been doing Leslie Sansone's free workouts on youtube forever now and love them. I know that all I will be doing is walking, so it makes it easy for me to get up and start a video. I always dread super intense workouts and will put them off all day because it seems so daunting. Walking really works for me and I actually look forward to it each day!

loving |  I ordered a Commit30 planner and while it doesn't start until January, I already love it! It's so customizable and has everything I need. I went through the #commit30 hashtag on Instagram to see how others use theirs and to get some ideas. I also printed out some sample pages to use for the rest of the year and they are exactly what I need.

listening | Orville Peck's album Pony on repeat, especially the song Take You Back.

⁂ homeschool things 

kids library haul

Here's our latest library haul, plus a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book that she already took to her room to read. I picked up the encyclopedia so that she could get ideas of some other things she might be interested in learning about. She flies through Heidi Heckelbeck books - they are fun to read!

I signed up for the math and language arts sections on IXL and we've been using them a lot this week. They've been good for learning new things, plus I just like being told what to teach sometimes. I can cancel the membership whenever, so I'll see how it works out for us. If you have a kid that likes earning badges/stickers (mine loves this) for progress then this might be a good option.

I downloaded these free pdfs from Bravewriter and my daughter is really enjoying them - especially the 7 day writing blitz.

That is what has been going on over here. I hope you all are having a great week 
small business gift guide

Bean & Bailey makes the most gorgeous ceramics! I love this ceramic party cup and this salt bowl would be great for putting jewelry in.

For someone who loves stationery, this sweet set of 10 notecards and envelopes by Katie Turner would be a perfect gift! She has a lot of fun cards and gift tags in her Etsy shop.

Hillside Studio makes the most incredible clay earrings! I fell in love with her pieces when I came across one of her process videos on Instagram.

These latch & hook kits from Bobcat and Birdie are so great! Especially if whoever you're buying for is into something other than the typical craft kits. They also have a 90's themed collection and one that says Yee Haw that I really like.

Arianna from Quw'utsun' Made was inspired by the land and her elders to create ancestral medicines in the form of modern skincare that supports her community. She has handwash, candles, skincare, and more that comes in unique scents and beautiful packaging.

I don't know how Joi from Denniston House manages to find the most incredible vintage pieces, but she does and the prices are amazing. Items sell out fast, so make sure to sign up for her e-mail list and follow on Instagram to know when new items are added!

Nothing Too Fancy is a local shop here in Knoxville that works with local artists to create shirts and accessories that feature all sorts of things unique to this area. And that includes a lot of Dolly Parton :) I know that love for her is worldwide, so check out their online store to find all sorts of Dolly goodness. I have a few shirts from here and they are all super soft and fit true to size.

Geneva from GDBee art makes these beautiful journals and I absolutely love the sticky notes with her artwork on them. She has fantastic prints available in her store if you're looking for artwork this holiday season!

small business gift guide

If you know someone that needs a Jeff Goldblum or Nicolas Cage oven mitt, then Nerdy Novelty Design is where you need to go. There's also Harry Potter, Star Wars, video game and comic book characters - seriously, there is something for everyone on your list!

Velo Coffee was one of my favorites when I lived in Chattanooga. It's roasted right in their coffee shop and comes in the most beautiful packaging which makes it an excellent gift!

Mood Ring Vintage sells all sorts of vintage pieces at great prices. You will definitely find something here for friends and family that love kitsch and vintage.

These ceramic plates from Karacotta Ceramics are just amazing! There are also jewelry traysgold dipped tumblers, and cone incense holders that are so, so nice.

I bought a mask from Cortez Made Co. a few months ago and it was such great quality that I ordered two more right away! I wear them all the time and the quality is top notch. I wash them weekly and they still look brand new. She is now making makeup/storage bags and I love this Selena one. I love getting bags like this as a gift since I always have something - makeup and journaling supplies usually - that needs organized.

I have this print from 5EyeStudio and I love it so much! It's so bright and fun and looks great hanging in my kitchen :) This and some snacks would be a super cute gift!

Nancy from Occasional Motto creates such beautiful stationery. These washi tape boxes would be a great gift for those that love journaling, sending letters, and for kids too!

This digital cookbook from mama eats plants features gluten free, vegan recipes that are simple and some of the best food I've ever made. She saved me with her recipes when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and needed to switch to a gluten free diet full of anti-inflammatory foods. If you have a friend or family member in the same situation, this cookbook would make an amazing gift. 

I always see these posts on Pinterest that say things like, "I made $21,094 this month off my blog!" and while that's amazing.. it can be a bit of a bummer and feel unattainable. I kept looking for more realistic posts, but couldn't find many, so I'm sharing mine.

I have two main sources of passive income - Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers. I plan and design everything on my own and haven't done any paid/promoted ads for any of my products. Here's what I made in October 2020:

Etsy | $70.30

I sell digital planners and stickers here. I've had my shop since 2018 and did hardly any marketing in the first year. In 2019, I posted a lot in planning Facebook groups and on Instagram. I hardly have to post anything now and consistently bring in $50-$70 each month. My best month ever was January of this year when I made $142.

Teachers Pay Teachers | $17.77

I started my TpT store on October 10th of this year and I'm really happy with how it has done! I posted a lot in the TpT seller's forum and I also joined quite a few groups on Facebook. I wasn't prepared for how much of a cut TpT takes though! If I sell something for $3, I get $1.35 of that. I made $40.50 this month and received $17.77 once they took all their fees out. So yeah.. it's a lot!

They have a premium membership where you pay $60 a year and they reduce the fees and commission they take. Obviously they are pushing for you to pay that $60 membership fee and I will go for it if I continue to do well on there.

Society 6 | $2.13

I opened this store in June of this year and made my first sale in October, but I was so thrilled! Someone liked something I made and bought a print to hang up and see everyday?! That's so rad. I haven't done any marketing with this shop other than an Instagram post when I first launched it.

There's no listing fees which means you don't have to pay anything to set the store up so it's worth it. I ordered one of my prints when I first opened the store to make sure quality was good and it definitely is! I might try marketing this a bit more and see what happens.

total: $90.20

Some goals for November: continue to grow the TpT store, do some marketing for my Society6 prints, and do better about posting planning spreads to Instagram. I'd also like to open another Etsy shop for my homeschool printables. I'm not the best with time management though I'm getting better thanks to the pomodoro technique. I've been using the Focus Keeper app on my phone to keep me in check.

I don't have any goals on what I'd like to make monthly as I'm just grateful to make whatever by doing something I enjoy on the side! I'll report back next month with how I did in November and see what went well.


foothills parkway in fall - tennessee

On Sunday, we went on a drive through the Foothills Parkway and it was so beautiful. None of the photos I took do it any justice, but this one gets sort of close. We didn't get out and walk around or anything as there were pretty large crowds and no one was wearing masks. But it felt nice to get out of the house for a bit. We rolled the windows down and enjoyed the 80* (!!) weather.

I have been working a lot on my Teachers Pay Teachers store this week. I joined a couple of groups on Facebook and they have some really great advice so I'm working to make some updates other sellers have suggested. I've kind of neglected my planner shop on Etsy, but am getting more motivated to update things there as well since I've been looking for a planner for myself and can't find anything I like.

I always love when people share what they are currently into, so I'm going to do the same:

  • kinggutterbaby on Instagram has been calming my covid anxiety by a lot. She's an infectious disease researcher and she shares current covid news while explaining it in a simple way. She's awesome!

  • We did a little virtual field trip and explored the world's largest caveSơn Đoòng in Vietnam. This interactive tour is so neat! We both loved it and learned a lot.

  • I always turn a tv show on when I'm cleaning the kitchen and I'm trying to switch it up and quit the reality tv episodes I've already seen 2,331 times. Lately, I've been loving The Seoul Search.

  • I finally signed up for a library card and have no clue why I waited so long. We went to the library all the time when we lived in Chattanooga, but I never got around to getting a card when we moved here. I'm guessing it's because fixing up the house took all my time and we lived close to an amazing used bookstore, so we would just buy books there. I checked out Hashimoto's Protocol by Izabella Wentz this week and am looking forward to reading it.

  • After being a fan of Leslie Sansone's walk at home workouts for years now, I signed up for her app today. There are tons of free videos on Youtube - this is my all time favorite - but the app has weight training and a schedule to follow and I'm a sucker for a schedule. I'll report back on how it is after I've used it for awhile.

  • I fell in love with Pam Wishbow's art after I came across her amazing Halloween pumpkins in my explore feed on IG. This print is one of my favorites. Just gorgeous.

  • Budgeting has always been difficult for me, but I finally found something that is working long term - thank goodness! I made this expense tracker printable and just tracking what I spend and having this sheet somewhere visible is helping a ton. I added the printable to my freebie files if you'd like to use it too.

That's all I've got today. I hope you all are doing well and have a great week ♡

current homeschool curriculum

There are a few affiliate links in this post, but I always make sure to label which ones they are.

It has been tough coming up with a curriculum set-up that really works for us. I naively thought we'd stick with what I originally bought, but I've switched it up a bunch with input from what my daughter does and doesn't like out of what we have tried.

Here was our line up this week:

Singapore Math | This is the original math curriculum we started with, but I was having a hard time teaching it. I realized very quickly that I couldn't explain this well because it's not the way I learned to do math. So, I switched us to The Good & the Beautiful Level 3 math. It was better for awhile because it is very much an open and go math curriculum and it's fun! 

One reason we went back to Singapore Math is because I follow cahomeschooler on Instagram and she posts often about SM while backing up exactly why it's such a solid curriculum and how it benefits kids. And I was sold, but I knew I wouldn't be able to teach it on my own, so I bought the year long instructional videos. It was $85 and covers all of third grade (both levels 3A and 3B Dimensions) and it was exactly what we needed. I'm learning a lot right along with my daughter.

The videos are short, to the point, and I can already tell this is a much better curriculum. It teaches you to think mathematically rather than just memorizing. Also, my daughter was enrolled in two different math classes on Outschool (affiliate link) that met three times a week since we started homeschool. I was able to drop one of the classes since SM has been so great with the videos. So she is now in a math club that meets once a week and doing 1 to 2 lessons a week in Singapore Math.

The Good & the Beautiful Language Arts | We are both happy with this one! The super religious stuff is easy to skip over or change up, it has a lot of non-traditional and hands on ways to remember spelling words, and it is open and go. We don't use this daily as I sometimes have my daughter do activities on No Red Ink instead. One thing I'd recommend if you're a secular homeschooler is to only buy the workbook. The readers are awful and we just use the free digital download of the poetry book. That link is actually to download the entire level 3 for free so it's a great way to see if you like it before you buy it.

Tynker | My daughter absolutely loves this site! She has been learning to code games and she's able to make things that she can actually use in her Minecraft worlds which is really cool. I was super hesitant to pay $120/year for this because I was sure she would stop using it after a couple of weeks. That's not the case at all though! She gets on here daily and has learned a lot.

Funschooling Germany Journal (affiliate link) | This has been a great journal and we are just about to finish it up. We have both learned a lot and I like being able to look back on all her research and drawings. She mentioned wanting the Ireland journal next, so I know she likes these too. 

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Novel Study | We have been reading this book for a couple of weeks now and I bought this novel study off Teachers Pay Teachers to go along with it. She fills out the vocabulary exercise before we read so that she knows the more difficult words already. Then, she fills out the comprehension questions after we read. I really love this novel study and wish I'd thought to buy one when we were reading Matilda last month.

A Kid's Guide to the Electoral College | This is such a fantastic resource! It explained things in a very easy to understand way and she loved coloring the map in as I explained it all. You'll see a banner at the top of the webpage and that's where you click to download. 

KiwiCo. (referral link) | We've been getting the Tinker crate for two months now and she loves it! She's made a spin art machine and a glowing pendulum and they've both been a lot of fun to make. Each box comes with a little zine that has a bunch of explanations and more experiments to do - that's what that little book at the bottom left corner in the photo is. You don't need to subscribe to see those though as they feature a lot of great ideas and activities on their blog.

That is what we did this week. She's also taking Spanish lesson twice a week on Outschool and we will play some matching games or do a Duolingo lesson daily to practice. I'm doing the best I can over here and seem to be getting into a good groove with it. Some days are tough, but overall it's been a good experience and I'm grateful that I'm able to do it.

Have you found any helpful home/virtual school resources lately? The one I always recommend is Wide Open School. Have a great weekend 

morning coffee

This morning I woke up early to get my daughter ready for her Spanish class on Outschool (referral link). While she was taking her class, I ate breakfast and started planning our homeschool lessons. I always check Wide Open School for any fun activities or games that go with what we are learning that day. It is such a fantastic resource! 

trader joe's halloween cards

I read a few chapters of Matilda to her while she made some Halloween cards to mail out to friends and family. Check out these super cute cards they have at Trader Joe's right now! I've never checked out their cards, but I went straight to the cards to grab these due to my ability to spot anything Halloween from miles away.

trader joe's mochi

Speaking of Trader Joe's.. finding out that mochi is gluten free was the only thing that saved me when I had to change my diet due to Hashimoto's. Technically, I shouldn't be eating diary either. This is my occasional pass though for when I need a little something to look forward to 😜

Halloween Handwriting Practice Worksheets

Then I worked on finishing up these Halloween handwriting practice sheets. My daughter really does not like practicing handwriting, so I made these to make it more fun for her and it worked - thank goodness! We still have to work on the lowercase g but she will get it. She's all about anything Halloween right now so I figured she would enjoy these. She also had a fun time trying not to smile or laugh at the sentences haha :)

Some other homeschool related things:

- We are starting The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe this week, so I bought this novel study from TpT.

- I also bought a Brain Quest workbook to have on hand and she really loves the activities in it.

- We did this "Who Made That Sound?" activity on Google Earth this morning and it was super fun - and difficult!

- These daily visual math problems are great. It's a perfect way to start math lessons and gets us talking about math in such a different way than usual.

I hope that you all are doing well ♡
The Day I Found Out I Was an Enneagram 4

Last summer I had gone over to a friend's house for a small get together with some of her friends that I didn't know very well or were meeting for the first time. I remember sitting at her kitchen table laughing and talking when someone goes, "have you all taken an enneagram test?!" I had remembered taking one a long time ago, but couldn't remember my results because I wasn't really interested at the time.

The person that asked if we'd taken the test (that I'd met about two hours prior for the first time, okay?) was now going around and saying which enneagram type she thought each of us was, so that made me want to take the test just to see what this person's first impression of me was and if they were correct. I can't remember which test we all took, it was a short one with like 50 questions, but I do remember hearing each person call out their type and some of the traits as they finished their tests up.

"I'm a 2! Caring, loving, generous, people pleasing - yep, that's me!"

"I'm a 9.. easygoing, reassuring, agreeable, and a peacemaker. I can't believe how accurate this is!"

Then my results came in and I start reading aloud, "I'm a 4! creative, expressive, emotional, dramatic, um.. uh.. self-absorbed, uncooperative, temperamental.." I stopped reading aloud because what. the...

Oh yeah, I can see that! someone says.

You're a 4 for sure! "who tf said that?!" I think to myself as I look around to try to figure out who it was.

I was right!! says random lady.

Excuse me?? gif

I went home and read everything I could 
about type fours. And yeah, it was true. I was definitely a four. I found myself nodding along to everything I was reading and it was an eye opener. Nothing had me as ready to dive in and do hard work on myself like finding out I was a type four did.

enneagram 4 traits via @enneagramvibes
via @enneagramvibes

Good lord. I'm going to break this down trait by trait.

| Fours maintain their identity by seeing themselves as fundamentally different from others.

I've always felt that I was so different from others - more so in my younger years, but I still feel this way sometimes now - and I feel I am never able to form a connection with anyone. The only way I have made friends is through work. Basically, people that are forced to spend hours with me. Because that's how long it takes for someone to realize that I'm actually fun to be around 😂

| Fours basic fear is that they have no identity or personal significance.

This has been very true for me. I have always tied my identity into my job and when I couldn't find a job where I felt that I fit in (see above trait), I felt that I didn't have an identity. It about broke me when I first became a mother and wasn't able to provide financially anymore. I very heavily tied that into my worth and identity which made me feel useless. 

| Fours are reserved or withdrawn in large groups.

I have been this way since I was a little kid. And now, I constantly get comments that I look like I'm having a bad time, or why am I not talking, etc. But I am very rarely having a bad time when I'm out! I really, really enjoy listening to others but don't often feel the need to add any comments. This is something I am working on though because I don't want anyone to think I don't enjoy their company.

Basically, I stay in my head a lot and let my imagination run wild creating elaborate scenarios and believing things are fact when really.. I've just made them up in my mind 😅 But now that I have identified the main issue, I can really work hard on being aware of when I'm going overboard.

Things that helped me: joining an enneagram 4 group on Facebook. I also joined the group for my husband's number. He's an 8 and I have since learned that we are the worst pairing of the entire enneagram so that's cool.

Also, just following a few enneagram meme accounts on Instagram. My favorite more serious accounts are justmyenneatype and The Enneagram & You. These are for all types, not just 4s. But what they post about my number just blows me away and helps me work through things for sure.

And some of my favorite funny accounts: enneagramvibesokayenneagram, and 4enneagram.

So yeah, after doing some learning and working towards being more aware, I have grown to appreciate being a four. I still sometimes wish I weren't so emotional or reactive, but I know that there are situations that I do better at than others. For example, when my daughter is very emotional or having big feelings about something I am able to come in and truly help because I understand and know how to connect in that moment. I'm proud that I am able to see that I do have strengths now and I owe that to learning more about the enneagram.